Flo Skate Park
9 February 2016 — 9 March 2017

Trace Programme
Curated by Ruth Angel Edwards

w/ Gino Attwood, Joseph Buckley, Kerry Campbell, Nico Colon, Kate Cooper, Communitas, Hayden Dunham, Ruth Angel Edwards, Adam Gallagher, Bunny Gamer, Sam Hewland, Ashley Holmes, Stewart Home, Richard John Jones, Jake Kent, Beth Kettel, Frank J. Miles, Emily Pope, Stefan Sadler, Erica Scourti, Benjamin Edwin Slinger, School of the Damned & Dan Szor.

Hosted by Flo Skatepark, Nottingham

This exhibition was accompanied by:
Total Destroy, an event by Richard John Jones
Rave Dinner Party, an event by Communitas
Trace Programme, a hand bound publication

Trace Programme featured over 30 British and international contributors. It explored the ways artists “position” themselves. How do they navigate the worlds they operate in, so that their positions are clear and understood? How do they retain moral and political integrity while working in an economic system that can be at odds with what they want to represent through their work? How can artists move between different funding models and established structures, whether commercial, publicly funded, art establishment or DIY, regional, national and international? Communicating with audiences outside of the art world as well as within it, Trace Programme is part of a wider discussion on how art in an age of austerity can speak to realities experienced by everyone.

Each artist involved created a distinct path to navigate these worlds, using new creative languages to work between visual art, digital and online media, writing, music and performance. Appropriating and repurposing the languages and technologies of popular culture, they are contributing to a new understanding of contemporary art as a politicised communications channel, engaging audiences directly.